Sorry Australia Vineyard project currently under offer!

Brief information about the businesses is shown below.  More detailed information including business plan will be available after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Email if this interests you so we can send the NDA to sign.

The Vineyard has many years profitability with award winning wines since 2001. 

The business plan is for the partner to hold 50% equity in both the bar and vineyard.  Both profitable businesses during recent years.  Both businesses should increase in value over 10 years and the future plan is to sell both businesses for profit or be bought out by one partner at agreed price.  This last point is very important to consider in terms of the investment.

The Vineyard has existed 20 years and has traded profitable past 15 years with award winning wines. 8 acres of vines at present made up of 5 varieties, being Shiraz, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir. All wine is made from grapes grown on the property. The first vintage was 2001, of which Shiraz and Chardonnay were produced. Both of these wines were awarded Wine Show medals   

For an overseas investor, he / she would qualify would qualify for an Australian investor visa, subject to satisfying Australian government requirements.  This visa provides work, travel and study rights to the applicant as well as their immediate family and dependent relatives.

The pub sector booms along the east coast of Australia.  The last half of 2017 saw a flurry of activity in the pub sector which is considered one of the most tightly held in the country, according to CBRE’s H2 2017 Australia Pub Trends report.

Victoria is a mid-sized economy that is larger than Singapore, New Zealand and most of South East Asia. The Victorian state economy has experienced strong growth over the last decade, increasing by an average of 2.4 per cent annually over the ten years to June 2017.1 This is well above the International Monetary Fund figure of 1.9 per cent average annual growth for developed countries over this same period.  

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Victoria is beautiful and offers great lifestyle and future for families!